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I’ve been a feminist since birth. I was raised in a home influenced by the second wave, replete with a subscription to Ms. magazine and Barbies that had abortions. Most importantly, though, the more I learned about feminism as a value, movement, and philosophy, the more I was able to make sense of my life and tell the truth about it. Feminism means many things, and we all go on our own personal journeys to understand what it means concretely in our lives.

I’m lucky to be able to make my living as a feminist. I write, make documentaries, publish books, lecture, and produce projects. One of my goals is to create language and conversation about the common, shared experiences that are sometimes terrible and often taboo to talk about, even in the most intimate settings: life experiences such as abortion, miscarriage, rape, divorce, bisexuality, and sexual scapegoating. I aim to create a culture where people can tell the truth about what happens to them, and be greeted with compassion.