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The It Was Rape Project

The It Was Rape project seeks to create cultural space for women and men to tell the truth about a common but silenced reality: rape and sexual abuse. Via a t-shirt, a film, and a conference dissecting the "slut" slur, the It Was Rape project turns up the volume on resistance and resilience.

The Film

Rape is wrong, illegal, reprehensible—and yet still tragically common. In this film, eight women tell their diverse personal stories of sexual assault, from a Midwestern teenager trying alcohol for the first time to a Native American woman gradually coming to terms with her abusive childhood. Gripping and emotional, this film is an opportunity to empathize with people—not just absorb faceless statistics—and to puncture the silence and denial that allow sexual assault to thrive. Ultimately, these stories shed light on how this epidemic affects us all.

For more information about the film or to schedule a screening in your community for institutional or advocacy use, please contact itwasrape@gmail.com.